Machine Learning Engineer for High Tech startup: AI Retailer Systems

Ihre Aufgaben

AI RETAILER SYSTEMS is determined to change the way we shop by eliminating the checkout process, elevating the shopping experience and helping retailers to maximise profits and reduce operational expenses. We do that with a computer vision system that relies on machine learning to understand in-store shoppers’ behavior.

We are an award-winning start-up with all necessary ingredients to become an industry disruptor.

Who are we looking for:

  • You are hands on, learn fast and get things done independently
  • You are a passionate problem-solver with a creative, data and metric driven mindset
  • Building prototypes vs. building releasable products is not new to you
  • You care about creating products which have meaningful impact

Your work: 

  • Implement machine learning models for item classification and action recognition
  • Integrate latest research to test models on our custom data sets
  • Adapt pre-existing models to better handle the details of our particular problem set
  • Integrate models into real time streaming pipeline

Ihr Profil

Your skills:

  • Understanding of convolutional neural networks and (accuracy / speed / # of parameters) trade offs of different architectures
  • Knowledge of best practices with respect to reproducible research and data hygiene
  • Practical coding knowledge (Python preferred) to quickly iterate on training/testing pipelines
  • Experience with reading academic machine learning literature

Nices to have:

  • High Performance Computing Experience for handling multi-GPU clusters
  • Experience with processing video data


  • Be a key player in the most ambitious Swiss start-up in the retail space
  • Highly motivated, dynamic and international team
  • Fame and glory for what you will build
  • Compensation based on salary and equity 

Join us to become part of the “retail revolution”!

www. AiRetailerSystems. com
Get in touch at:    contact @ AiRetailerSystems. com